Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Bankruptcy protection is available?

There are generally four different types of bankruptcy filings. You may qualify for a specific type of bankruptcy depending on your individual circumstances. We can evaluate your case to determine which type of bankruptcy filing is best for you.

Will I qualify file Bakruptcy protection?

Most individuals will qualify to file either a Chapter 7or 13 Bankruptcy. Each type of bankruptcy has unique advantages and disadvantages. We will evaluate your case to determine which chapter best suits your needs.

If I file Bankruptcy, can I keep my house and/or car?

The law can be complicated and therefore, your case will require careful examination. Our goal is to help you elimate your debt, while still keeping your assets.

Can a Bankruptcy stop creditors from suing me or calling on the telephone?

Once a bankruptcy is filed, creditors are stopped from pursuing debt collection. Even garnishments and foreclosures are stayed.

Can I file Bankruptcy with my spouse?

There are advantages and disadvantages to filing jointly with your spouse. We’ll help you decide based on your individual debts and types of assets you will need to protect.

Can I file Bankruptcy if I own a business?

Yes, but this can be very complicated. The business itself, or you yourself, may require bankruptcy protection.

Will I still owe taxes after filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws do provide certain protection against federal and state tax obligation. If this is one of your concerns, you will need to see an experienced lawyer to determine your rights.